The app

This week I’ve also been experimenting with an app to make my digital images sit within the environment. The app is coded using a language called ‘Unity’ which can be implemented on any device – a smartphone, smartglasses, anything. Unity is used here in conjunction with Vuforia. There is a good tutorial here.

Overall, the test works very well! The digital objects even tilt and move depending on the movement of the physical object. Unity even allows the creation of 3D digital objects that can move.

One problem I encountered was the use of shiny surfaces in my sculpture. Surfaces that reflect light are not processed easily by the app and can be difficult to detect. The most successful surfaces must also have high contrast. I found that a black and white playing card worked well as a good test image.

Next week, I will be purchasing either an ipad and/or a headset to use in conjunction with an iphone for viewing the app. When making this choice, I’ll be thinking about and experimenting with what is most comfortable for other people when viewing the work.

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